What's This All About?    Is it for You??

Can You or Do You ever... do any of these...

If so, or any variation of these, then please join others in a planetary healing circle, building toward a perpetual world healing circle in Southeast Michigan (and anywhere/everywhere else). And please read the following to understand what this is all about.


One afternoon in December 2000, while driving home from participating in a healing circle followed by a global healing meditation, I was thinking about how much I enjoy putting my spiritual energy into such things, and I had an idea: Wouldn't it be great to have at least one healing circle for the world going on continuously, 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. That way any time of any day I, or anyone, could drop in for 30 minutes or an hour and contribute my energy skills to the ongoing efforts of like-minded people working to "heal the planet.

That night I woke up about 1:00am and found that the idea was growing and demanding to be written down. So I started writing and thinking and writing and planning and writing some more. I've now discussed the concept with a number of people and have refined/simplified it a bit.

The Vision


At the entrance to the (silent) room, you see a sign with simple instructions on it, such as:

"Welcome. Please maintain mindful slience while in this room of healing intention. To enter the circle, please wait until the next chime (every 15 minutes). Thank you for being here and for your spiritual contribution to this important work."

The Circle:

You notice that some of the circle participants are standing, some sitting in chairs, and some sitting on cushions on the floor. Some have eyes closed, some open. Some may be holding hands. Participants are probably not arranged in a perfect circle, but rather a circular grouping, possibly with some behind others, because it would be disruptive to participants already there to have to move. At the center of the circle is an earth-globe as a reminder of the planetary focus of the circle.

The Wall of Miracles:

While waiting for the chime to allow your entry into the circle, you look around the room and notice the wall on one side with some slips of paper, each containing a request for any desired miracle or any sort of healed/improved situation in the world, as envisioned/requested by someone who has visited the room or mailed or emailed it in. On another wall you may see other slips of paper -- these list healings/miracles of any sort that have been reported from anywhere in the world. Nearby is a small table with pens, paper, and tacks so that you can add your own requests and reports when desired.

The World-Wide Web:

Yes, besides the spiritual connection with the rest of the world, there is also a web-cam to provide continuously updated images of the circle to anyone around the world interested in a more physical connection with the circle (doesn't need to be streaming video, just still images updated every few seconds).

Why Silence? (Why not include music, words, drumming, dance?)

There are many rituals and practices by which different people connect with spirit, and raise generate healing energy. Mindful meditative prayerful silence is one practice that can serve as a common denominator of all such practices. Certainly, participants are encouraged to pursue their favorite practices in other appropriate gatherings/venues, and participants are also welcome to practice them silently/internally while in the room of the healing circle.


  1. Create a stable loving connection between god-the-spirit and god-the-living (that's us) and god-the-earth.
  2. Send/transmit/channel healing vibes to penetrate and facilitate healing (of people/situations) around the world (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/cultural/political). This may be better described as two different aspects:
    1. sending healing flows/vibes with the specific intention of healing whatever it is aimed at (whether a personal illness, or a war, or planetary dysfunction).
    2. changing the vibes in the underlying "ether" of existence (with respect to a certain issue/location/people) to make it easier for their own intentions/efforts to work. I.e., soften or remove the seeming brick wall that individuals and cultural psyches sometimes seem to run into when attempting to change.
  3. Create a cosmic beacon of light for beings anywhere in the universe to come to as a place of hope for the full range of possible joys, encompassing everything from relieving immediate trauma to creating a playground of joyful creativity and learning.

Various descriptions of what the healing circle does:

Nuts & Bolts

Start-up/Preliminary Steps:

What it Is Building Toward: The Perpetual Healing Circle

If so, or any variation of these, then please join others in a planetary healing circle, building toward a perpetual healing circle. For information on location/times of gatherings, please contact: Craig Harvey


Other Word/Descriptions

"Peace Generator" !!

continuous, eternal, ongoing, non-stop, 24/7, unbroken
(connection of time)

world-wide, universal, cosmic, global
(connection of location/space)

wholeness, hope, renewal, integration, miracles, reconciliation,
growth, joy, mirth, God, fun/play, The Force, communion,
all-that-is, creativity/creation, love, infinite potential,
fulfillment, balance
(connection of self with rest of self/divine)

group, community, chamber, team, congregation
(connection of individuals with one another)

Circle of Miracles
Circle of Planetary Wholeness
Circle of Healing Lov