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24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

April 2003 -- 10th 24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Vigil

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

Everyone has someone to love,
and someone will love them back!

Estranged family members waking up one morning 
laughing about whatever it was that had seemed 
to be a reason not to communicate.
Estranged friends waking up and re-membering 
what it was they love about each other. 

All children will be cared for, loved, and educated. 

What's working for me these days 
is getting the idea (frequently) that every person -- 
the most humble, the most obnoxious, the most confused, etc., 
EVERY person is equally precious in the sight of God -- 
in the embrace of this benevolent universe.  
Now what if that were true of every living creature -- 
every human, every bird, every elephant?

If you love your own life,
then love others' lives too.
Life is precious.  Respect it.
Life is Love.  Adore it.
Om Shanti -- may peace be with you!

"In silence is peace.
In peace is love.
In love is compassion."

Healing ourselves creates peace within,
then we'll have peace without. 

Next time we go to war, 
let's make it a war on world hunger -- 
no more hungry children 
or sick children with no medicine. 

Raise the consciousness of peace,
even if it's one consiousness at a time!

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