24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

March 2002 -- First 24-Hour World Healing Peace Vigil

Event Summary

There were about 60 people who attended, a few participating for half an hour, most for an hour or more. There were six present for the opening on Friday evening, and seven for the closing on Saturday evening. There was never more than a minute or two when the meeting room didn't have somebody in it, and I'd like to think there were enough "excess" wonderful intentions, energy, and prayers (and maybe some help from ones we couldn't see) to carry the circle over those intervals. I do know of at least a few people who had committed to participating in spirit, since they had other commitments elsewhere.

There were two flipchart sheets filled with wonderful moving visions of what this world can be. I will be transcribing those and will post them on the perpetualhealing.net web site in the next week or so. And now let us keep our eyes (and hearts) open to allowing these outcomes to manifest in the world.

Results from the Feedback Forms

43 of the participants filled out feedback forms. The numbers don't add up because sometimes one form had multiple responses to the same question -- such as marking both once a year and every month for question #3, and other times a question was left blank.

  1. How did you hear about his event?
    • 9 Email list
    • 2 Newspaper (circle one): Ann Arbor News, Observer,
    • Current, Agenda, Other? [2 for Ann Arbor News]
    • 0 Radio: Do you know which station?
    • 0 TV (local cable)
    • 2 Web search
    • 25 Friend [Craig was the friend for some of these]
    • 14 Other? [posters 6, handouts 2, Church of Today 2, Friends Meeting 2, First UU announcement 2]
  2. Is there anything you'd like to see changed to make it work better for you or your friends?
    • Most people left this blank or just said everything was fine. But there were also some good suggestions. As would be expected in any bunch of people, certain suggestions conflicted with others -- especially with regard to the provision for silence. Here is the list, paraphrased:
    • provide meditation cushions.
    • liked the chimes and options such as walking meditation.
    • emphasize silence: people singing or especially walking would be distracting.
    • please clarify if singing is OK -- would like to be able to.
    • on fliers clarify if a time duration commitment is needed.
    • allow it to be clothing optional.
    • keep the temperature warmer in the room.
    • add quiet music/rhythm of some sort.
    • provide simple art supplies (paper/crayons) in case anyone gets inspired.
    • provide something to help participants feel more connected with one another.
    • - great cookies!
    • allow meditative movement, chanting/singing -- maybe every other hour.
    • provide/allow some way for people to connect and ground before/after doing the prayer/meditation, such as talking, energy work, healing touch. Maybe just be sure someone is in the lobby to greet and listen to feelings that people may need to work through when they're done.
    • liked the simplicity as it is -- allows people to make it what they want it to be.
  3. Would you like to see similar events on a regular basis in the Ann Arbor area?
    • 5 once a year
    • 12 every 3 months
    • 23 every month
    • 6 every week
  4. Are you involved in an organization (church, temple, etc.) that you think might be interested in hosting a 24-hour event like this?

    Suggestions included:

    • Center for Sacred Living
    • WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)
    • Zen Buddhist Temple (2)
    • Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (3)
    • Church of Spiritual Enhancement
    • S.E. Michigan Naturists
    • First Unitarian Universalist Church (2)
    • Ann Arbor Ad Hoc Committee for Peace
    • Great Oak Co-housing
    • Church of Today (2)
    • Shir Tikvah Synagogue in Troy
    • Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

    For at least five of these the response said that they would follow up with the organization.

  5. Perpetual Healing Circle??

    I figure it would take at least 500 people committed to one hour each week to be able to have a world healing/peace circle going continuously. If you heard that 499 people had signed up, and a location was available to host the circle 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year, do you think you would commit to 1 hour per week (for at least a few months) to make it happen?

    • 24 Yes
    • 2 No
    • 14 Maybe

The Donation Jar

These were the instructions on the donation jar: "This event is Free. The donation jar is provided for anyone who wishes to help cover the expenses. I spent roughly $400 for meeting room, advertising, copying, and postage, but anything donated beyond the first $200 will be given to some appropriate charity (suggestions welcome).

The jar ended up with $173.75 in it. So I thank you for your monetary contributions on top of all your spiritual contributions to this endeavor.

Craig's Comments

Wow. These responses really blow me away. During the closing circle I felt tears of joy and thanks, and looking over these responses now I feel the same way. I obviously think this is an important thing to be doing at this time on this planet. But when I see how much agreement there is on this idea, I am filled with happiness and hope, because I see that there really is good reason to be hopeful.

I guess this is where I say: Thank You!

What Next?

In the interest of carrying this forward based on all the very supportive responses, I am now looking into organizing another 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle around mid-June. If others jump in to help organize these things as it sounded like they might, I'd say there's a good chance this could become a monthly event after June. And if anyone really jumps on the bandwagon quickly and wants to organize something sooner than June, I'll certainly help.

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

[flipchart sheet 1 of 2]

Healing for all beings in every dimension.

Connection & reconnection -- within ourselves, with
one another, with spirit, with earth, with All That

Know the peace, gentleness within myself... so that I
may become a beacon of light. 

That we all can accept all philosophies and practices
that cause no harm and that we may all be able to tell
in our hearts that which is good.

World Cheerfulness [with a smiley face]

Our leaders use their powers for PEACE!

May humanity awaken to the need for healing of our
earth and all its creatures...  [with a heart drawn
around it, and someone else chimed in with an "Amen!"]

Support & true tolerance for all beings...

Loving each other from our hearts.

SAT SRIAKAL. (everything is one and part of the
greater ONE)

To bring out the best in each of us, for each person
to have that opportunity, to unite in peace and love.

Increasing energy throughout the world toward creating
more and more positive feelings.

Hi Matthew! Glad you came. 
[a personal note from one participant to another who came at a
different time slot]

Deep listening
to our bodies
to the earth's body (bodies)
deep listening to our motions & emotions
to the original wild who/what was America
before she was named,
who are we 
what is under all that cement,
deep listening again & again
to find the authentic peace [peace sign]
deep listening deep listening deep listen...

A world where we all recognize our interconnectedness,
and act in love & peace accordingly.

Integrity for all, 
A world in which everyone wins!

Peace and mental stillness to those that are deeply
troubled and immersed in anger, hurt and pain.  May
love take its place.

A world where everyone realizes we are here to
manifest God which is Love & so have heaven on earth. 
[and someone else chimed in with "yeah!" and a smiley
face and underlining of "so have heaven on earth"]

We are sailors in this life
on a voyage to find love
in all its endless beauty
a journey with no end
Release your love to all.

Let each one of us, with our unique and important
roles to play in the cosmos, rise to the fulfillment
of our best hopes for peace, love, and understanding.
[followed by a few words in a language not supported by
my keyboard]

A deep sense of kinship with all creatures.
especially our own dear struggling species. 
And comprehension of the pain of the other and
awareness of our own part played & to be played in the
human scenario -- Deep compassion for all of it --
each of us experiencing our own self and all our kin
-- This I pray -- A Joyous peace & global community --

A planet safe for butterflies ( = no genetically altered
corn), & song birds (!) & dolphins & whales... 
Please, please, please!

I would like to see the human race overcome and
abandon its many forms of hate...

...If we take the time to really look at one another
it's easy to see how alike, physically, mentally, 
and spiritually we all are.

Let us all Listen to one another to hear each other's
hearts, not our own next line, 
Look at one another -- freely, openly, without
judgment or expectation, 
Value one another -- as human beings, as important
parts of this world,
and Honor each other's journeys.

May we all radiate positive energy! 

Throughout the world there is Life Force Energy.
We are one with the Planet. 
[and a "hug" was added by somone else]

This, then, that
We one, many Aligned radiant chaotic splendor.

May all who know suffering find the peace of this
moment.  May all who know peace remain mindful of the
suffering around us.

I would like that the Israeli stop bombing the
refugees' camps with my tax money; and that we feed
and relocate refugees everywhere istead of selling
arms around the world; as a country, we must retake
our leadership. 

Wake up Spirit Souls.

Let's appreciate the diversity of all the beings
sharing this planet.

Be Happy Beautiful Ones!

Peace starts here, where ever we are.
Peace starts now, in each and every moment. 
Peace starts with each of us.

[start of second flip chart sheet]

A world where we identify ourselves as members of the
human family who must take care of our home (the
planet) and each other. 

Peace in the hearts of all beings so hurting one
another in any way is not an option.  [with hearts]

Reparation for the injustices we've committed toward
the earth, the poor & children.

This planet bing a beacon of light for the universe,
where one comes to be nurtured, heal, learn, create,
interact, enjoy, teach, love, and laugh. 

Pro-life:  Respect & love for _all_ living cratures: 
animal; plant; human & less emphasis on economic

and healing 
for all beings.

Peace & Healing, Space, tolerance and respect for the
planet itself & the other species with whom we _share_

The world living as one.

A cooperative commonwealth

& democratic reconstruction
of the oppressive heritage of the past.

Earth bathed in Love.


Peace and a repaired and respected earth.

All is Love.

Respect & love our Elders -- the Earth, plants,
animals & indigenous peoples.  May we learn from them
how to walk in balance & peace with our earth family. 

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