24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

September 20-21, 2002 -- 3rd 24-Hour World Healing Peace Vigil

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

[flipchart sheet 1 of 2]

loving kindness
joy and peace
to all beings. 

Believing in, and recognizing 
the deep capacity for love 
that is in everyone of us.

To All my Sisters and Brothers in the world
may peace be with you -- May you find peace.
Love out [happy face heart drawing]

War is a symptom of separation from the divine.
[sad smiley face]

[inside of drawing of a heart...]
Let us hold love 
in our hearts. 

To ban the word "judgment" -- 
no right wrong -- just is -- 
absolutely the way it's supposed to be --
no need for someone to be right & the 
other wrong.  May we all put down our judgments,
and be loving & kind to each other.

I love you!

Those that exclude, 
exclude themselves.

I pray that all world leaders
be returned to their Divine right minds. 

That all beings 
may take _joy_ 
in their lives.

I pray that all peoples 
take time of stillness 
to listen to their heart's guidance 
before they act.

I pray that peace & love
be manifested for all creation.

The nicest thing I heard "recently" 
actually happened sometime ago.  
After 9/11/01, this village (I forget where) 
gave _us_ their most valued currency -- cows.  
They've got nothing.  
We've got everything & they still gave.  
God bless them, and us all.

[start of second flip chart sheet]

Pervasive sense & knowledge of 
joyous holy kinship 
between all creatures.

[tree-like drawing with roots joining and then branching
out many times in all directions]

I am a powerful force of love in action.
We are powerful forces of love in action.
Our work is blessed as are we
Blessed be,
blessed beings --

Peace fully rooted in justice.
An equal sharing of all our resources.

Understand the implications of war.

Liberty for all 
and no one infringing 
on the liberty of others.
appreciation of our differences 
and celebration all full of love -- 
light flooding in 
washing away loneliness and fear, 
bringing comfort and hope 
connectedness to all.

In the arc of my embrace --
  the whole human race
In the arc of my embrace
  all matter
  all space
In the arc of my embrace...
  each throbbing cell
  and each quiet stone
In the arc of my embrace --
  they holy face
  yes, you!
  and my own holy face too.
In the arc of my embrace...

With each breath, give peace new life
With each step, take peace further
With each action, give peace greater meaning.

We all take responsibility 
to be peaceful 
in every day life.
Force is not the answer.

[the following two lines crossing each other
at the equal sign, the first vertical, 
the second horizontal]
 Peace = Enlightenment
 Wellness for Gaia = Wellness for All

"Strangest dream"
of signing a prayer
that peace will prevail -- 
of justice in every corner of the earth;  
of love touching every heart.

[start of third flip chart sheet]

Peace is both being a clearing for peace
and taking an active stand for peace.

Children will laugh.

Being able to forgive.

Peace in our own bodies 
& in the body of the planet (world)
[drawing of radiant planet?]

Peace begins here & now. 

We return.

Love & Peace for all beings.


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