24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

October 18-19, 2002 -- 4th 24-Hour World Healing Peace Vigil

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

[flipchart sheet 1 of 2]

We are SO close to a 
Global transformation
to literal peace on earth.  
I believe!

[peace sign]

I am already healed.
Our planet is already at Peace.
Love Is All There Is.

person - person
spiritual - physical
future - present - past
here - there
reality - possibility
  / Love\
 |  fear |  [with slash through the 'fear']
  \ Love/

... to accept all different cultures 
and different ways of doing things. 

Embracing Change 
in a peaceful,
accepting manner. 

Peace starts with love in our hearts 
for all peoples everywhere,
once we can love without prejudice -- 
peace will follow unconditionally -- 
peace be to all!!

Peace from my heart to other's
Releasing all fear or anxiety
Allowing Joy and Trust,
Acceptance and Love.

I send and receive only Love. 

accept change
retain values.

[drawing of a heart above a spiral]

reach out to others.

May we all 
have the courage to 
enter into love...

We are all children
of the Sun & the Earth
 [drawing of sun shining]
Let each shine fully
and all enjoy each other
with reverence for the
whole web of being.

One teacher is in all minds
and he teaches the same Lesson to all.
He always teaches you the inestimable
worth of every Son of God, teaching 
it with infinite patience, born of 
the infinite love for which he speaks.

Peace starts by Accepting each other.

Life is all about cycles and rhythms.
It is our _privilege_ to have been
born in a time of chaos and strife,
so that we may work together to
bring things back into balance.

[start of second flip chart sheet]

Justice for everyone -- political, social, economic.

Peace & Justice

Everything we see is human:  The dark, the light, all of it.
But deep down, if everyone were happy already, there'd be less
conflict, less grasping, less need to take out of life.
Do happy loving men want to fight?  No Amigo, they don't. 
Each of us must Choose to love.  Wise men have taught us the way,
but we cannot wait for Gods & sages to transform us.  We must
love!  The 'evil' are misguided, at heart they feel like victims. 
Hate is their protection & revenge for past hurts. 
Do not separate yourself from others like them.  They are to be
pitied.  Love/yourself/others.  The vision:
If you + I + all couldopen our hearts, + choose to love, all
could be solved.

May I be happy
May I be peaceful
May I be free
May my friends be happy
May my friends be peaceful
May my friends be free
May my enemies be happy
May my enemies be peaceful
May my enemies be free
May all beings be happy
May all beings be peaceful
May all beings be free.

A vision of TRUE democracy.
Where people chart actions.  Where peace prevails.  Where MONEY
is not a central value & happiness is.  Where ALL living beings
are valued.          

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