24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

December 2002 -- 6th 24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Vigil

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

[flipchart sheet 1 of 2]

That we all -- all of humanity --
can learn to love each other and 
find understanding and 
mutual respect in our diversity.

That we stop being afraid 
of each other and of ourselves. 
That we can speak our truth 
and inspire others and ourselves 
in a compassionate way. 
We have and will always need each other.

When people realize that hatred of 
others is really self-hatred. 
After all, you can't hate something 
about another person, 
unless it is something you hate in yourself.  
Visualize hugging someone you resent 
and watch the healing begin!

May the long time sun shine upon you -- 
All Love surround you --
And the pure light within you guide your way on --
guide your way on -- 
guide your way on -- 
  Love Out  [smiley heart face]


When I judge another person
it is an act of self-protection: 
I project an illusion of separateness --
that other psson is NOT me --
& that aspect or behavior is NOT mine --
So that I can pretend that it's not all about me.
Self-acceptance is a path to peace. 
I am willing. 

May Peace prevail on earth!

Everyone embracing their own power 
to heal themselves and others
and taking time to show their love.

Peace is Always beautiful
 - Walt Whitman
[copy of a greeting card with a picture 
of a chickadee on a snow covered branch]
[start of 2nd flip chart sheet]

People of every noation feeling in reasonable control of their
futures, with hope and abiliity to give our children and
grandchildren a better system, a more joyful and sustainable
Citizens of every nation choosing representatives in a
proportional manner, so all are fairly represented, based on good
information from diverse sources (i.e., not current U.S. media)
Each person having the ability to give and receive love and share
in laughter.

A world where no one is hungry.
A world where people have learned
 to live in harmony/cooperation/
 and helpfulness.
A world where people love to sing
 and dance and enjoy.
A world where war is obsolete and
 the very idea is shocking. 

Overwhelming numbers of non-violent observers, 
demonstrators, and pray-ers show up from around 
the world in Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Washington D.C., 
the United Nations, and anywhere else needed 
to make it impossible for anyone to wage war. 


Huge Oaks Grow From Little Acorns: 
 Peace, loving-kindness &
 compassion to families,
 friends & co-workers.

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