24-Hour "Peace Generator" World Healing Peace Circle "VISIONS"

November 2002 -- 5th 24-Hour World Healing Peace Vigil

What's Your Vision?

(These are the responses written on the flipcharts by participants before going into, or after coming out of the meditation room at the March 2002 24-Hour World Healing Peace Circle in Ann Arbor)

Justice for everyone -- political, social, economic.

[with the 'O' in the shape of a heart with eyes and a smile]

[someone else then drew an arrow toward the 'LOVE' item above,
and added the following...]

Amen to that.  Short, simple, sweet.  Let ego drop.  By sitting
here we hope the world becomes even a little bit more peaceful,
one less fight among the many constant conflicts and sitting here
will be worthwhile. 

[a circle with four arrows from the edges pointing inward to a
heart at the center.  around the inside edge of the circle are
the following words...]
A world where we relearn & forms life All with Connect & our
place re-member.

I saw the world covered in red of pain.  As I watched, I saw
millions of little dots of blue and green all over the planet. 
They started small and began to grow, until they had expanded to
cover all the space between each other and the entire globe. 
Each starting point was a person, making peace in his or her own
life and living it -- and spreading it to others. 

Each of us interacting heart to heart, 
seeing through the layers of fear and judgment 
that we have created to keep us separate, safe, and "right."

Peace is beauty & justice & love.

Compassion & caring even when it is hard!

The space in which the Earth, the planets, 
and all the stars swim
is simply a vast sea of love. 

Peace and friendship.

[a big heart surrounding the word "Loving" 
with its 'o' being yet another smaller heart]

Peace is Powerful.

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